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Don't throw away your rechargeable power tool batteries because they will not charge or hold the charge! You can now fix or repair your batteries.

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Just check your batteries to be sure they are Nicd.

New Life for your NiCad Rechargeable Batteries

Why pay $35 to $85 or even more for a new rechargeable battery when you can bring your existing Nickel Cadmium batteries back to life. The best part is that it is simple to do. Read testimonials from people just like you that have saved tons of money. Read Testimonials Here!!!

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rechargeable batteries can be repaired and resurrected

rechargable battery repair and resurrection for dead nicad batteries

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All brands of power tools and many lawn and garden tools that use Rechargeable batteries can be fixed or repaired and brought back to life using Rechargeable Battery Resurrection from Unique Dynamics, Inc. When a NiCad battery will no longer charge or will no longer hold a charge or is close to being useless, you can get new life from your dead rechargeable battery or device that contains NiCad batteries. About 98% Success Rate!

Rechargeable Not Rechargable
Rechargeable is the correct spelling, not rechargable. Although many people looking for rechargeable batteries will misspell it rechargable batteries, hopefully both spellings will find this page. A battery fix or Resurrection is possible for all NiCad batteries when you learn how. But don't take my word for it - Read Testimonials Here!!!


This is not a battery charger

We are selling an online step by step "Battery Resurrection Guide" for rechargeable batteries and not a battery charger or hardware device.

The guide is online - go to

We decided to put the guide online for fast delivery and free shipping. And saving trees and plastic waste is also a benefit.

Rechargeable batteries come in many sizes

Practically everyone has seen AA batteries. There are Alkaline, NiCad, Carbon, and NiMH types of batteries and they have their own special properties. Common Carbon and Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable. When their energy is gone, they are trash. NiCad and NiMH batteries are rechargeable and therefore reusable.

NiCad Rechargeable Batteries - go to

Nickel Cadmium batteries were the first rechargeable batteries available to the public and are still in use today. You will find AA NiCad batteries in most solar powered garden lights. The photo cell charges the NiCad battery during the day and the NiCad drives a low power LED for light at night.

Power tools such as drills, saws and the like made by companies such as Black and Decker, Dewalt, Craftsman, Bosch, Ryobi, Panasonic, Makita, Ridgid, and Milwaukee use rechargeable NiCad batteries as their main power source even today with the availability of NiMH batteries.

Rechargeable NiCad Batteries are very powerful and excellent for cordless power tools, but do suffer from some weaknesses.

  • Over heating during use and/or charging can cause premature failure. Imagine using a 1 inch drill bit in a hard wood and drilling hole after hole using heavy pressure and then feeling your battery. It will be hot! This is not healthy for your battery.
  • Allowing a NiCad battery to be completely discharged can cause a polarity reversal which in turn will not allow it to charge mainly because most chargers will reject it
  • Rechargeable NiCad batteries can develop a memory. This occurs when a battery is constantly discharged the same amount after a full charge or if it is constantly charged up to a certain point. This results in low power and low run time
  • Battery chargers are inexpensive for charging NiCad batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries

A newer type of battery is the Rechargeable NiMH. These are the most popular for AA applications such as digital cameras, toys, etc. NiMH cells are being used more frequently in cordless power tool batteries.

  • Since they do not contain Cadmium they are friendlier to the environment
  • Rechargable NiMH batteries can be charged up to 1000 times
  • They maintain a steadier voltage over their charged life
  • They are relatively inexpensive
  • They lose 3 to 5 percent of their charge each day as do NiCads
  • They typically don't suffer from the well known NiCad memory effect
  • Battery chargers are inexpensive to charge NiMH batteries

Rechargeable Battery Resurrection - Fix it!

At the present time Battery Resurrection for Rechargeable batteries is only recommended for NiCad batteries and not NiMH batteries. Rechargable NiMH batteries are now being tested for Resurrection.

Companies That Rechargeable Battery Resurrection® Works With

Cordless Power Tools from the following companies make batteries that should respond to Resurrection and it is only $12.95 - RYOBI, MAKITA, CRAFTSMAN, MILWAUKEE, BLACK & DECKER, SKIL, BOSCH, RIGID, FEIN, HITACHI, LINCOLN, COLEMAN, DEWALT, PANASONIC, VERSAPAK, HILTI, AND FIRESTORM.

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